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Pedram Homes was launched in 2014 by Toronto’s most ambitious real estate agent, Pedram Hosseinzadeh, ABR, CMA. After managing $980 billion of real estate transactions in his native country of Iran, Pedram arrived in Willowdale and has taken the real estate landscape by storm, completing over $100 million in real estate transactions in his first two years alone.

Between Pedram’s tireless dedication to his clients, an industry-leading marketing and sales program, and an international network of agents, buyers and investors, Pedram Homes is quickly establishing itself as Toronto’s first choice in real estate sales.

— Testimonials —

  • I've bought and sold real estate for over 12 years. I've used several agents, however now that I've worked with Pedram I will never work with another agent!

    What can I say? Pedram gives you the straight story from when he first works on securing your listing through and work necessary post sale. He was the key influence in pricing my Willowdale House realistically. He didn't say all sorts of stuff to get my listing and then switch to other recommendations. He was flawless during several negotiations that were some of the most difficult I've been through, both the ones that fell through and the one that closed. He knows the market and can analyze the market better than any of the several Toronto brokers I know. He maximized the value of my house through staging and presentation.

    For me the litmus test was that when I asked the question: “Pedram, should I take this offer? If not, what counteroffer should I make?" Every time I trusted his judgment 100% and the results proved my trust in him".

    Pedram is the very best out of the best!!!

    Jenny Wang
  • Dear Pedram; Rayan and I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated all the work you've done on our behalf since we met last Spring. So much of what you did was way above and beyond what any other realtor would have done. You were instrumental in getting us a great price on the house we were selling (many thanks for the loan of your 'stuff'), and in getting us a much nicer home than we'd anticipated in a great neighbourhood......I hope business continues to thrive as your success is well deserved....

  • I imagine you get a number of these emails about Pedram, but my wife and I just wanted to pass along an email to you about how happy we were with Pedram and how he dealt with the sale of our house, as well as how quickly we bought our new house. End to end, we listed on a Wednesday, took offers the following Monday, and put an offer into our new house the very next day before it even listed.

    We've had the pleasure of working with Pedram once before 1 year ago, so we are repeat customers. Pedram helped us make the decision to sell and be opportunistic with the market. He really gets market dynamics and is exceptional in his knowledge of the neighbourhood. With the amount of real estate agents around, Pedram stands above the rest and is a true representation of the Re/max Realtron brand.

    We look forward to working with him again... just not too soon!!

    Cathy & Mark
  • Pedram, first and foremost I want to sincerely thank you for the endurance, patience and professionalism you have provided helping me find what I was searching for. These qualities in the quantity needed to handle my changing requests, constant updates and late night calls are not only embedded into your general way of working, but got customized to my personal needs automatically without additional customer intervention. This kind of proactivity is rare, at least for your age group.

    Overall my experience working with you was simply a 10/10, which leaves no room for doubts or any reasons why I shouldn’t distribute the C.A.R.E portfolio to the world, family and friends. Once again, it was my pleasure doing business with you and THANK YOU very much for everything! I guess, I will see you when the next business opportunity floats up to the surface… and/or for a beer!

    Helen & Jack
  • Pedram is an excellent real estate agent. He has an incredibly likable personality and a very broad knowledge of the Toronto House market. Pedram has already helped me find two Houses, and I look very forward to working with him again in the future.

    Kevin Chen
  • Finding a house is easy. Finding a home is not. Four walls and a front door just wouldn't cut it, and Pedram knew that. Patience is a virtue that not everyone possesses. Lucky for us, Pedram's got the patience of an absolute Saint.

    Without so much as an eye-roll, Pedram listened as we rattled off our intimidating list of must-haves. It had to have a yard. It had to be by the park. It had to have a fireplace. The kitchen had to be just so, and the bathroom should be big enough to cartwheel in. Particular? Yes. Picky? Probably. But, discouraged? Never.

    Pedram's positive attitude, that willingness to try, try, try again, was recognized and so very much appreciated. Weeks turned into months, and we were still Dream House-less. Then, one wretched winter evening, the search finally ended. "It might not look like much right now, but the potential is definitely there," he told us.

    And he was right. It wasn't much to look at, but there was something very promising about the place, and so we put in an offer. Only a few short weeks later, we had our yard, our park, our fireplace and our kitchen. Four out of five ain't bad! And, after knocking down a few walls, we're now able to do full floor routines in our shower! They say good things come to those who wait. This is true. But great things come to those who work with Pedram. His tireless efforts and unwavering optimism ("It's out there guys, I know it!") made the whole experience a pleasant and rewarding one.He went above and beyond the call of duty, and we can't even begin to thank him enough.

    Pedram truly is the definition of the perfect real estate agent, and any house-hunter would be more than lucky to have a guy like him in their house-hunting corner.

    Ben Choo and Family
  • Pedram, Thank you very much for your kind sentiments and also forall your help, patience, enthusiasm and effort in helping us find our new home. We have enjoyed each of our meetings, you are a very special person and hope our paths keep crossing for years to come.

    NS & LP

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